Thursday, March 11, 2010

Starflyer Video

March 4th: I've just finished a video about the horse riding experience here at Wilderness Adventures.

For the music I used a song I wrote years ago called Starflyer. It was originally written about my motorcycle and a trip we took, but with a few lyric changes it works beautifully for Wilderness Adventures.
So Click here to see Come Ride with Us.

And here's a pix of my swimming spot...about a quarter of a mile down the road. It's hot today and I just got back from a nice cool dip.

Here are a couple pix I took last week. Amy and I took Arian and Zoya to dinner in Wilderness. We had a great meal for sure.

And after the meal someone said (I think it was Zoya) let's go to the beach. What a wonderful idea! So off we was less than a quarter of a the wonderful beach of the longest in South Africa I'm told. It was so much fun!!!!

Arian and Zoya insisted I take their here it is. You'll just have to believe me it was on the beach.

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